Standard Hollow Tube Hinge Installation

If your Hinge looks like this:

 (About 95% of Hinges in Use)
Then this installation page is for you

Installation on Standard Hinge with a Hollow Tube
(If stacking Multiple sets on 18” Door Panels, instead of the Standard 21” Door, You must skip a door panel, use panels 2 and 4)
                Step 1                         Step 2                  Step 3                    Step 4                Finished

Step 1: Hold Rack Horizontal to Door with Small Hook Just Under Garage Door Hinge Tube.   
Step 2: Lift the Rack Slightly and Engage the Hinge Tube with the Small Hook.  
             Then Lower the Rack.   
Step 3. Run a Zip Tie (included) Through the Zip Tie Hole in Rack and
            Then Through the Center of the Hinge Tube.                     
Step 4: Secure the Zip Tie and Cut off Excess Strap.  
             (Do Not over Tighten Zip Tie, as it cases Rack to Bow)

(in some cases, you can use the buckle bracket instead of the Zip Tie, if you like that look better)

Installation on a Single 8’ Door with 3 Standard Hinges with Hollow Tubes  
This Product was Primarily Designed for the 3 Hinge Door.
Rods are meant to hang out over the end of the door!
(should your Hooks Rack hang uneven due to end hinges on your Single car Garage Door being installed upside down. 
(not yet Pictured)  
Please contact me for free parts and cool solution!

Stacking Units on the Much Less Common 18” Garage Door Panels: 

Since the Hooks Racks were designed for the Standard 21” Door they won’t Stack without breaking UNLESS:
You use panels 2 and 4 and skip a Garage Door Panel in between.
OR You use the Swing Free Option OR 6” of Slack Option
(See Swing Free and 6" Slack Options on that Installation Page)
(Some Prefer this Option due to less movement of the rods when Garage Door moves.)

Hurricane Struts    
Hooks Rack is designed to work over 3” Struts that aren’t attached to Hinges & that use door hinges with Hollow Tubes.
(You may need to cut off the Alignment Leg if the Lower Strut is in the way)

Instructions installing upside down under the struts for over 3” Struts & other issues PLEASE contact me. 

Please refer to the installation sheet that came with your hooks rack or email us at

Also Please feel free to call if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or requests.

Thank you for your patience,

John Meyer - Inventor (retired Restauranteur)
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