FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mount my Hooks Rack to the Wall or Ceiling?
  • YES!  Your HOOKS RACK comes with mounting brackets that allow you to mount your HOOKS RACK either vertically or horizontally on a wall, and either flush or dangling from the ceiling.

Not all my panels are standard 21” wide panels, can I still us the Hooks Rack?

  • YES, our Hooks Rack fits all sizes of garage door panels, even custom sizes.

Can I stack the racks on multiple garage door panels?

  • YES, as long as they are the standard 21” or wider panels.  With the included mounting hardware you can stack the racks on all four panels.
If I do stack the racks on multiple garage door panels, do I have to stagger the racks, like the competition requires of theirs?
  • NO, our racks are especially designed to stack in line with each other
I have long rods, is it OK to have my rods stick out past the end of the garage door?
  • YES, as long as their path up and down does not interfere with anything hanging on the walls or from the ceiling of your garage it is fine to let your rods hang over the end.
  • Use this link to see a video of rods hanging over the end of the door - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efT3yu7TCBI
    I am deciding between your system and your competitor’s system, how is yours better?
    • Ours uses a patent protected Hooks system so rods can be loaded from the front, the competitors closed loop system requires threading the rods in from the side, in some small garages and with some rods, fly rods for instance, this is not possible. Also our system installs quickly, without tools on all sizes of door panels, ours 99% of the time won’t require making holes in your garage door, theirs will much more often, and also, generally ours has the more competitive price.
    I have the less common center hinge on my garage door, I understand I can use it with the end hinge and hang the rods past the end.  Can I also use the included mounting brackets to hang my Hooks Rack directly on the garage door more in the center?
    • YES, it will require some tools and some more time and you will need to make holes in your garage door, but our competitor’s system requires most of their customers to mount their units in this manner.

    My garage door has a 2 ½” deep horizontal rail for stabilization against high winds, referred to as a “Strut”, that runs through the area between the hinges.  Can I still use the Garagius Storage System?

    • YES, The top part of the rack that attaches to the top hinge should clear the “strut” and the rest of unit has over a 3” clearance for this purpose..  Usually the struts are not in the way as they were likely installed near the top, bottom and middle of the panels. Should you be unlucky enough to have any part of the bottom alignment leg of the Hooks Rack happen to land on a strut you can easily cut off the alignment leg in a place that allows your rack to hang vertical when strapped down.  

    How much clearance do I need between the top of my car and the garage door when it is open and hence in the up position?

    • 5 ¾” plus the amount the largest reel hangs away from it’s rod.  (Measure between the upper most part of the car and the bottom of your garage door panel while the garage door is in the up position to find your clearance height)

    Can I hang other items besides fishing rods on the Hooks Rack?

    • YES, you can hang Kayak Paddles, Hockey Sticks, Brooms, Racks, lightweight Shovels, Garden Tools and much more. 

      Weight Restriction:  Is there a maximum weight I can add to my garage door?

      • Yes, Unless you adjust your springs for additional weight.   Research suggests that currently over 95% of garage doors over 4 years old are unsafe, based on the information of professional garage door repairman and garage door service contract companies. The remaining % have been checked or serviced in the last 2 years.  There are two types of door counterbalance systems.  
      • The coil tension bar system: it is mounted along the wall over your garage door, and the spring type system with two springs, one along each rail running perpendicular to the door.  All springs and coil tension bars deteriorate with time.  Supposedly having weak springs or a misadjusted coil tension bar will cause additional wear on your garage door opener’s motor and motor drive assembly.  So perhaps you ask:
      How do I know if my springs or coiled tension bar are bad and need replaced or adjusted?  
      • Fortunately there is a simple test.  To test your springs or coil tension bar detach your garage door from the lift mechanism on your garage door opener.  Then lift your garage door to the point that it balances between wanting to go up and wanting to go down.  If your balance point is above half way up, (some say 1/3 up) the opening then your tension bar should be adjusted and your springs replaced.