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Whiskey Ice Wedge Tray

Whiskey Ice Wedge Tray

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Large Ice Wedge in ANY Whiskey glass that is easier, quicker, and better than Large Cubes. 

Simply fill ANY of YOUR Whiskey glasses half full of water then place on the Whiskey Ice Wedge Tray in the Freezer.  That's all

Much Better Than Large Cubes Because:
1. Ice doesn't hit you in the face.
2.  Less surface area, so chills slower and steadier
3.  No clean-up of silicone 
4.  Glass already Chilled
5.  Much Much cheaper and yet with a better result.

Each package includes:

  • 1 Whiskey Ice Wedge double tray (holds two of your own glasses in the correct position in the freezer)
  • 4 stacking whiskey glass covers (so you can keep and stack finished glasses w/wedges in the freezer)
GLASSES ARE NOT INCLUDED - which is why ours is unique. Rather than include some generic drinking glass, we help make your own favorite whiskey glass even better!

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